Saturday, February 8, 2014

No power, but a nice review

Dear Bookworms:

We are part of the deep freeze and many days-long power outage taking place in Pennsylvania. Things couldn't be more miserable ... except one bright spot: during sporadic internet usage at various wifi hot spots I was able to check emails, find this review of So you think you babysit monsters? and share it here:

"The first in a series of novels for middle school age readers (The Abercrombie Family Business: Totally True, Tir Griffin Stories), author Leslie A. Susskind presents an impressive set of storytelling skills in "So you think you babysit monsters?". A wonderfully entertaining read from cover to cover, "So you think you babysit monsters?" is very highly recommended for young readers and will prove an enduringly popular addition to school and community libraries."

It's from Julie Summers of Julie's Bookshelf, for Midwest Book Review. It really made my day. Now if the power would just come back on!

Take care and stay warm,