Monday, June 14, 2010

More online advertising

Dear Readers,

During one of my never ending searches for marketing and publicity tools on a shoestring budget, I found out about the Google Books Program. I'm excited to say that our three books are in the process of being loaded and should be up and running (I hope) by the end of July.

With the program, each book gets its own Google page and links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other places it can be bought. All of the text is scanned and becomes search terms across Google Books and Google itself. A small percentage of the books are available to preview. Google will place ads on the pages which can generate money if anyone clicks on them. We will have access to all of the Google analytics reports as well.

It's just one more way to help spread the word -- I hope it works!

We just made a Kindle version of The Month of Zephram Mondays, available on Amazon. (I've been enjoying Kindle for PCs -- lots of fun to have books available any time of the day or night.)

Our Goodreads Giveaway for It's Time for Good Manners! ends tomorrow. Close to 900 people have entered the giveaway.

The Tale of Time Warp Tuesday is underway for our late fall release; and, our next manners-themed book should be out this summer. We won't be having much of a summer vacation this year at Good Manners Kids Stuff Press -- but I couldn't be happier with all that we have going on.

Happy Reading!