Monday, November 9, 2009

Our first book launches on Amazon!

Dear Reader,

It's been a whirlwind!

I am incredibly excited to announce that our very first book, "The Month of Zephram Mondays," has launched on Amazon, and that our second book, "The kids' (and parents, too) Book of Good Sportsmanship," becomes available at the end of November!

I've also launched an author page for Leslie Susskind, a website for Good Manners Kids Stuff Press, opened the Book Store on Good Manners Kids Stuff and activated my author page on Amazon's Author Central. I'm also in the process of listing it on Bowker's Books in Print so that it's available to all distributors worldwide.

It has taken me so long to get to this point that I can hardly believe it. Wow.

But then again, there's so much more to do! For instance, just minutes ago I finally replaced the type-style brand name at the top of the page with my real logo. And I figured out how to include the book cover and Amazon link for Zephram.

I have to send (hopefully) final copy revisions to my artist for the sportsmanship book. (We have the proof copy and it is really, really, really cute.) I have to get the postcards/bookmarks designed and printed, and meet with the woman who is going to help me with press releases and kits.

I have to figure out how to make a "become a fan" page on Facebook and how to send tweets from Amazon. And I have to continue sending out announcements to everyone I know. (I hate doing this -- but if I don't, who will?)

My apologies that this is not a very informative post, but I hope next time I'll have even more to tell you.

Until then, Happy Reading!

Your new author and publisher,