Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smashwords and other news

Here's the latest news from Good Manners Kids Stuff Press:

It took a couple of weeks but I finally succeeded in getting The Kids' (and Parents' too!) Book of Good Sportsmanship uploaded onto Smashwords  and  their Premium catalog which will make it available at Barnes and, iTunes, Sony, Diesel and other ebook sites.  It now joins the Kindle version in the ebook universe. Yay!

I have to admit that doing all the marketing and publishing in addition to the writing often makes it seem that I am getting nowhere fast, so I am relieved that I got all the formatting worked out and was able to move forward with  it -- and cross it off my to do list!

Speaking of moving forward, I am excited to report that I am working with artist Mimi Barclay Johnson to illustrate  my new children's picture book. This is a new genre for me -- while still a children's book, it isn't a fantasy or a manners-themed book. I can't wait to share it with you as we get closer to completion.

I'm working on scheduling a web/TV interview (once I understand how it works) and I've been asked to offer The Kids' (and Parents' too!) Book of Good Sportsmanship and It's Time for Good Manners! on a book site, so I'll report back on that new outlet once it's set up.  The site is Whisper Books.

Until next post, Happy Reading -- and Writing -- to all!