Sunday, December 6, 2009

Next steps

Dear Book Lovers,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Good Manners Kids Stuff Press.

Sales are starting to trickle in on Zephram and Good Sport! (As you can imagine, I watch Amazon like a hawk.) And the good news is, by my calculations, that more people than just me and my friends and family have bought copies. (Not that I don't appreciate those known purchases -- it's just that it will be even more satisfying when lots more people who are completely unconnected to me buy them and enjoy them!)

My bookmarks are ordered and should be here by the end of the week.
Once I receive them, I'll have to incorporate networking with my Christmas shopping: asking every store, gym, daycare, library that I visit or pass if they'll display them.

My daughters are dropping them off at their school libraries. And friends and family in other geographic locations will be doing the same, bless them!

My Zephram Facebook Fan Page is live and is starting to get friends. (I still need to finish Good Sport's page and get it moving.

The tagging is going quite well. And I've started to get some links for site. I'm sending some minor press release changes to my publicist. (I have to squeeze in a visit to a local photo place so I can get a decent photo to send along with the press release -- yuck, I've avoided photos for years!)

So -- although I might have ultimately missed the biggest part of the holiday rush, I hope that I am planting the seeds for a widely-read 2010!

Wishing you some great reads until I post again,


P.S. Forget to mention I'll be tweeting as soon as I publish this post.

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