Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blizzard halts book mark distribution

Dear Readers,

Today's blizzard brings the most perfect, unexpected moment of downtime, unimaginable just 2 days ago when I faced a jam-packed holiday weekend filled with pageant practices, tennis lessons, 4 parties (with the family scattered all across town), shopping, wrapping, an historical meeting at Valley Forge Park, a breakfast with an out-of-town friend, trimming the tree, making a rice krispie treat gingerbread house, attending a comic panto at Peoples Light and Theatre, and cleaning.

Instead, we are settled in for the snowstorm with our bread and milk, the new Harry Potter Half Blood Prince dvd, and extra candles and logs in case we lose power. Unfortunately, I can still clean. But what a nice surprise to be able to enjoy unexpected quality time with our family!

Sadly, the one really important thing I was going to squeeze into this jam-packed weekend was dropping off my book marks at stops along the way of our travels. So that major PR step has been postponed! However, book sales have been slowly building on Amazon, and they are not all from family and friends! I've been working on links, joining more networking and other sites (such as Goodreads), and getting fans on Facebook for the two books, so all momentum for Good Manners Kids Stuff Press has not been lost. Plus, my press releases are going to start in January, which I hope will give me the biggest blast of exposure yet.

Ooh -- just had a thought: Maybe I can squeeze in a few moments of reading. After cleaning of course!

Wishing you "Happy Reading" until I post again,


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