Saturday, May 16, 2009

Meeting with my artist

Dear Reader,

I'm still having issues with "Claiming my Blog" on Technorati -- so I'll probably try that again tomorrow.

I'm in the process of printing out my final draft of my book. I'm meeting with my artist on Wednesday to go over the layout and illustrations. My plan is to be launched in June -- which is closer than you would think.

Did some practical things -- had my url redirect to a page within my Good Manners Kids Stuff website where the book will be featured once available.

Read some more articles on line about how to market books.

Started a blog on wordpress to (hopefully) work along with my other blogs and my main site to get more exposure, links and traffic. I like the appearance of that blog but I think the Google blogs are easier to work with so far (the wordpress blog is I am confusing myself, I may need to re-think my naming strategy). The idea is that once I launch there will be many outlets in which to spread the word. Or, I'm just making much more work for myself. Either way, I'll let you know how that goes!

Last, I had an idea for another book -- I jotted it down on a yellow sticky note -- let's just hope I can find it again once this first book and publishing house launch is history!

This whole virtual reality is exhausting and busy! But it's also so very cool making my dreams come true! (A dream that started way, and I mean way, back in 6th grade.)

I'll catch up with you soon!

President (really!!) Good Manners Kids Stuff Press

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